First download an install Featured Image Module on your Joomla.

Creating a new Module give yout the view below:

Now you have two options:

1. Upload a Background-Image (or color) in options Tab and Save Module. Afterwards the layoutbuilder shows your image and you can start to add elements.

2. Use a pre definied design from Designs tab and save it. Afterwards you can edit the elements.


General Workflow:

  • If you add an background image in options tab or do some changes you have to save the module to see the changed in layoutbuilder.
  • Adding new elements also require to save module to see the new elements in layoutbuilder.
  • Existing elements can drag by mouse on the position you want to place it.
  • Having editable elements (Heading, Text, Content) you can simple click it and change it in layoutbuilder. But you also able to change the elements below. Changes are synchronized.
  • Changed options in configuration of elements also¬†synchronized live in layoutbuilder.