Joomwick Feature Module as a perfect complement to modern content based on Bootstrap 4

Joomla Content Modul

With the Joomwick Feature Module you create professional content based on Bootstrap 4.

The arrangement and presentation is made conveniently via the backend. Thanks to numerous setting options, content can be displayed on all devices in a modern and professional manner without much effort.


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Main Features

  • Bootstrap 4 Mode: Container, Full-Width and flexible column width
  • Full Width 50 Mode: Parallax Images, Transparent backgrounds
  • Animate content (AOS) and Font Awesome 5 Icons
  • Up to 4 columns with Icons, Animations, Images, Buttons, Editorfields ....



Representation of the contact person


Images, Icons, Buttons and Editor

Full width Mode

Full width Mode with parallax


During (up and down) scrolling



Professional content layouts

Flexible Layout

Free definition of bootstrap columns

Icon Support

Font Awesome 5 Icons


Many uses


10 years Joomla experience