Recommendation for a Fluid Width Layout:

As a rule, you convert the basic layout and the individual areas (Areas) to a fluid-width layout, and center the contents in Joomla over the final modules. Simply enter a .container in the respective module in the module class suffix. Especially in the JW template, areas 1, 2 and 3 should also be left on containers in a fluid-width layout, if you do not want to have this displayed across the entire width.


In the tab Layout the basic settings for the layout can be made:

Layout base

  • Container
  • Container-fluid
  • Edge-2-Edge Layout (without margins on "fluid" content)

For a centered layout please select container and for a "full-width" or flexible layout container fluid.

If you do not want any page spacing in the container fluid (bootstrap elements are generally spaced) then select Edge-2-Edge Layout.

Please also note the settings for the following areas 1-26, here also separate settings for the individual areas can be configured.

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