The following settings can be configured in the Advanced tab:

Technical integration


The JW template integrates all available scss files of frameworks as well as those of the template in a SCSS file.

The following files are specially responsible for the design of the template:

  • /templates/joomwick/css/scss/joomwick/_jwscsscss.scss
  • /templates/joomwick/css/scss/joomwick/_theme.scss 
Own CSS / SCSS properties should be maintained in the following file:

The final style sheet is integrated in the template via the following url:

  • /templates/joomwick/css/scss.php?p=style.scss 

A call to this file will give you information about any errors in changes or about the time / date of the last update.

The SCSS compiler monitors the files and updates them as long as new properties have been added or changes made. It may be necessary to call the final stylesheet file once again to update the files. Furthermore, the browser cache should be emptied after editing the scss files.

Depending on the performance of the web server, it may take a few seconds for all files to be updated.


scss formatters

The scss compiler offers several options for formatting the final stylesheet file. For productive environments, "chrunched" is the best solution because it will hide code comments and minimize server load times.

In the development environment the option "expanded" is the best solution, in addition the property "source line debugging" is recommended in order to use webdeveloper-tools like Firebug. find the appropriate line easier.

Chrunched option:

Expanded Option mit source line debugging:

A change to the scss formatters is not taken over directly, because here are made no significant changes to the scss files. The changes will not be applied until the next change of the scss files.


Baseline help

This setting enables the plugin baseline helper to be switched on. In the Fontend view, an activation box for visual help of typography appears.


Some browsers interpret the line height as their own and vary in the decimal range, so there may well be visual errors when checking the baseline. In our tests, only the Edge Browser rendered an exact baseline as configured in the style hits.

Matomo Analytics

Here you can integrate with Matomo Analytics. To do this, the url and the corresponding site ID must be entered.

Please be sure to follow the current requirements for profiling cookies and the DSGVO! Possibly. This solution is currently not the best in terms of the current data protection basis! If necessary, take a look at the eprivacy extension in the JED.

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